Shore Road Allowances


Most waterfront properties within the Township of Georgian Bay have parcels of land that divide them from the water (which are typically owned by the Township) that are 20 metres (66 feet) wide and called Shore Road Allowances.  There are also Road Allowances which run throughout the Township, not along the waterfront, that can be applied to be purchased by the abutting property owner(s) as well, provided the Township does not deem them to have any future public use.

Many property owners in the past have applied and successfully purchased this parcel of land for many reasons: it increases the size of your lot; you are able to obtain building permits for structures on the parcel provided they comply with the Building and Planning By-laws and the sale has been completed in full; and, any structures you may have on it already are then legally on your own property, not the Township's (or another agency that may own it - for example, the Trent Severn Waterway).

The application fee is $550 and there is also a legal retainer fee of $1,150.00 that need to be submitted at the time of application, as well as the application form, photocopies of the identification of the applicants and the completed attestation of identification form (page 2 of the application).  Also, a letter from a surveyor or your lawyer stating the Township does in fact own the parcel of land you're applying to purchase.

Out of the $1,150 legal retainer, $300 is kept in trust and put towards the purchase price of the land provided that you pay for the land within one year of the by-law being passed by Council. 

A survey is required to be done as well during the process which must identify any structures on the Shore Road Allowance / Road Allowance parcels you are applying to purchase.

If the application is approved at Council, the purchase price of $8 per square metre of land for Shore Road Allowance and $6 per square metre for Road Allowance will then be collected.

For more information on the purchase of road and shore road allowances, please read our policy which is included on our application form.  You can also contact Amber McDonald at (800) 567-0187 x. 268.

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