The Development Services Department is made up of two branches: Building and Planning


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The Planning Act provides the framework for municipalities to prepare Official Plans for their areas.  Through an Official Plan, we set long term goals and objectives about how we want to grow and develop.  The Official Plan contains policies on how we will deal with various land uses and servicing questions that arise. 

The Official Plan itself does not control how private land owners may use their lands.  Zoning By-laws implement the policies of the Official Plan by regulating and controlling specific land uses (and as such, must conform to the Official Plan).  The Zoning By-law divides the Township of Georgian Bay into a number of zones and sets out the permitted uses of land, where buildings and structures can be located, the types of permitted buildings and requirements for matters such as lot sizes and dimensions, parking, how far the building(s) must be set back from the street and property lines and building heights. 

Through zoning, we can guide and shape the pattern of development that occurs.  The requirements in a Zoning By-law help to determine the physical appearance of a community.  A Zoning By-law has an important and positive role to play; the challenge is that of striking a reasonable balance between the interests of individual property owners and the interests of a community.

Programs / Services provided:

  • Providing community planning services in accordance with the Ontario Planning Act and all other applicable legislation
  • Provide Economic Development and community services to the Township
  • Enforcing the Township of Georgian Bay Official Plan
  • Enforcing the Township of Georgian Bay Zoning By-law
  • Review and administration of Planning Applications
  • 911 Municipal Addressing
  • Plans of Subdivision

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