Council Information Packages


Council Information Packages can be found on our website here.

As per the Township's Procedural By-law (2016-61), the Council Information Package contains copies of correspondence and records from the public, organizations, committees or township staff.

They will be provided to members of Council and posted on the Township Website weekly. Each package is to be distributed every Friday afternoon via e-mail. Members of Council may refer any matter on the Council Correspondence Package to Council, the Committee of the Whole, either for information, action or response, but will specify their request via email to the Clerk prior to the existing agenda item deadline set for members of Council.

Council Information Packages are distributed every week to Council and the Senior Management Team and are placed on the Township's website for public viewing. The CIP shall include, but not be exclusive to, the following items:

- correspondence from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario
- District of Muskoka communications, including press releases and newsletters
- O.P.P new releases
- resolutions from other municipalities

- minutes from Boards and Advisory Committees
- other information items as deemed by the Clerk
- information memos from staff regarding upcoming by-laws, public notices, road closures, tenders, planning notices, notices to residents
- letters addressed to other agencies but copied to Council
- thank you letters / acknowledgement letters / invitations

Correspondence to Council

The Township of Georgian Bay collects personal information in your communications to Council or its Committees under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001.

This information is collected to enable Council and/or its Committees to make informed decisions on the relevant issue(s). Individuals who make submissions to Council should be aware that any personal information in their communications may become part of the public record and may be made available through the Council agenda process which includes publication on the Township’s website.

Please direct any questions about this collection to Jessica Gunby, Clerk (A), 99 Lone Pine Road, Port Severn, Ontario, L0K 1S0 by calling (800) 567-0187 Ext 242 or e-mail at