Community Services


Contact Information

Brent Baker, Community Outreach Worker 
279 Honey Harbour Road, Port Severn, ON L0K 1S0
Phone 705-538-0003
Cell 705-528-2142 
Fax 705-538-1850


Overview of Community Services

The Community Services department provides social support that promotes the independence, self-reliance and social well-being of individuals and their families that reside within the Township of Georgian Bay. This is achieved through excellence in service delivery, leadership and collaboration with our community partners, including the District of Muskoka.

What is the Role of the Community Support Worker?

The  Community Support Worker can assist individuals and their families with:

  • Identifying and accessing community resources including legal, medical and financial assistance, housing, employment, transportation, assistance with moving, day care and other referral services
  • Submission of applications and admission processes to community based support services  
  • Understanding and investigating eligibility for social assistance benefits
  • Providing guidance, crisis supports and accessing emergency shelter services
  • Accessing life skills workshops, substance abuse treatment programs, behavior management programs, youth services programs

Core Services Provided

  • Housing supports, including:
    • emergency shelter information
    • landlord and tenants act navigation
    • protective housing supports 
  • Food Security Supports and community based Programs
    • Georgian Bay Food bank, including outreach services
  • Family Fun cooking events
  • The Muskoka Fresh Food Basket Program

Financial Supports

  • Ontario works and Ontario Disability Support Program information and navigation assistance
  • Recreation and Camp subsidy assistance

Employment Services

  • Employment workshops and certifications
  • Assistance with job searching and resume development

Seniors Support

  • Retire-at-home services
  • Independent safety services information
  • Health care connect supports and information provision

Wellness Center Services

  • Foot Care Services (call Shelley Moore, RN, Professional Foot Care, 705-529-2840)
  • Dental Hygiene services (call Patricia Plumb, Smiles Direct, 705-528-2140)
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