911 Service


The Georgian Bay Fire Department would like to remind all property owners of the Township’s By-Law 1997-108 requiring all homes and buildings to have their 9-1-1 signs clearly visible at the end of the driveway / dock, so they can be easily seen by emergency responders. If you share a common driveway with other homes, please ensure that each individual home is also clearly numbered.

In any emergency, every second counts and precious time can be wasted if the emergency responders are unable to locate the correct property.  Remember, it could be your home that they are responding to.

The By-Law Department will be enforcing the proper use of 9-1-1 signs; please refer to By-Law 1997-108 for further specifications.   If you don’t already have a 9-1-1 sign, it can be purchased from the Township Office.  The signs are $40 and you need to contact the Planning Department at planning@gbtownship.ca or 1-800-567-0187, x. 263, to order your sign.