2018 Election


2018 Election Procedures - updated February 2018  

The Township is doing voting by internet and telephone only; no mail-in ballots will occur. More information will be released and sent out as it becomes available, but for now, our vendor has shared with us a short how-to video for casting your vote online.

Voters are able to come into the municipal office and cast your vote if you require assistance. The specific dates of when the votes can be cast will be determined in the near future, but voting day is on Monday, October 22, 2018 with polls closing at 8:00 p.m..

Please contact Jessica Gunby at jgunby@gbtownship.ca or 800-567-0187, x242 to ensure you are on the Voter's Database. There will be online tools available by July 2018 to check yourself, but the earlier the better!

Online Resources:
Ministry of Muncipal Affairs - Municipal Elections Page
Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) - Ontario Municipal Elections
Municipal Elections Act
So You Want To Run For Council - Online AMO Course in late February 2018 for those interested in running in the Municipal Election

The topics covered in the AMO course, which is not intended to replace the materials given to you by the municipal clerk's office when you file your nomination papers, include:

  • Reasons for running for Council
  • Other reasons some run for Council - but beware
  • Running for municipal office - the nuts and bolts
  • What you should know before you run for office
  • Dealing with the media
  • Learning the Council decision making process
  • Techniques for working with others
  • Three major roles of Council members
  • The roles of Council members and staff
  • Developing a realistic understanding of the power and influence of municipal government
  • Behaviour at public meetings
  • The Municipal Act
  • Transparency of the decision-making process
  • The Councillor as an individual
  • Statutory Duty of Care
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Pecuniary Interest
  • General things to know and practice

This brochure was distributed by the Georgian Bay Association regarding making sure you're on the Voter's List.
This handout is what has been presented at numerous AGMs over the summer of 2017.